Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti

When is Agrasen Jayanti?

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti 2022 Date

Monday, 26 September, 2022

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti is noticed yearly by the Agrahari and Agrawal people group. It is commended with joy and commitment to pay tribute to Maharaja Agrasen to remember his introduction to the world commemoration.

According to Hindu calendar Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated on the principal day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of ‘Ashwin.’

According to the legends, Maharaja Agrasen was an incredible ruler of Agroha and furthermore the organizer of Agrahari and Agrawal people group. He was a remarkable and worshipped King who was viewed with extraordinary regard by individuals of his Kingdom.

Agrasen Jayanti is praised in the northern states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana which are overwhelmed by Agrawal, Agrahari, and Jain people group.

What is Agrasen Jayanti?

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti is a local public occasion in India, generally saw in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It is seen on the fourth day of Ashwin, the seventh month in the Hindu Calendar.

This occasion is commended on the birth commemoration of the unbelievable Hindu ruler, Agrasen Maharaj.

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Who was Maharaja Agrasen?

Jinke haath me sohe talwar, Dil sher ka, unki Karo jaikar, Dushman bhage Naam se , Sda hum dur rahen agyan se.”

Maharaja Agrasen is known as symbol of peacefulness, courier of Peace, Maharaja Agrasen was an encapsulation of Sacrifice, Compassion, Non-Violence, Peace, Prosperity and a True Socialist.

Maharaja Agrasen was the son of King Ballabh of Pratapnagar who was a descendant of Kush( Lord Rama’s son). He was the oldest child. As indicated by the Mahalakshmi Vrath, the age at that point was the last phase of the Dwaapar Yug in the Mahabharat epic time.

Birth of Maharaj Agrasen

As per the English Calendar, Maharaj Agrasen was born around 3,125 – 3,150 BCE. He was the son of King Vallabh Dev descendent of Lord Rama’s son Lord Kush from Ikshvaku Vansh of the Solar Dynasty. 

In any event, when he was youthful, Prince Agrasen was very notable for his sympathy. He never oppressed anybody and the subjects were exceptionally satisfied with the manner in which he acted.

Maharaja Agrasen adopted Vanika Dharma for the progress of his people and his kingdom. In a real sense, Agrawal implies the “Offspring of Agrasen” or “Individuals of Agroha”, a city in old Kuru Panchala, close to Hisar in Haryana district said to be established by Maharaja Agrasen.

As indicated by Bharatendu Harishchandra’s record, Maharaja Agrasen was a Suryavanshi Kshatriya ruler, he was contemporaneous to Lord Krishna. He was additionally relative of Suryavanshi King Mandhata.

Ruler Mandhata had two children, Gunadhi and Mohan. Maharaja Agrasen was the oldest child of the King Vallabh, a relative of Mohan, of Pratapnagar. Maharaja Agrasen fathered 18 kids, from whom the Agrawal Gotras appeared.

Maharaj Agrasen Famous Niti

Maharaja Agrasen was a practitioner (a Karmyogi) who invoked flourishing for all. A follower of Socialism, he concocted a one of a kind standard to guarantee a libertarian culture. He proclaimed that any individual coming to Agroha to settle down for all time will be given One Mudra, One Block, and One Grain by every occupant of Agroha.

So, with the blocks, he could construct a house for living and with the cash so gathered he could set up his own business and with the grain, he can eat food. This path through a little assistance by each individual could accomplish an equivalent status in the general public of equivalents.

He embraced the ideal of Non-Violence during the eighteenth Yagna, wherein he understood the purposelessness of creature penances. The Yagna was being performed for the foundation of the eighteenth Gotra. This acknowledgment drove him to get one of the solid heroes of ‘Peacefulness’

Thought of Maharaj Agrasen

“Instead of targeting a crane with an arrow,

I wish to see it flying;

Instead of eating away a nightingale,

I wish to hear it singing”

Maharaj Agrasen banned all animal sacrifices

Nonetheless, his faith in peacefulness didn’t mean non-protection from oppression, rather he advanced self-preservation. As indicated by himself insurance and public guard were not the assignments of just Kshatriyas – the champion station, rather it is the obligation of every resident to ensure and shield his homeland.

The thoughts of Equality, Socialism and peacefulness propounded by Maharaj Agrasen 5000 years back structure the soul of the current Constitution of India.

In any case, we Indians have not had the option to develop these goals into our lives, they remain essentially words in our constitution. It lies upon us presently to embrace these standards in our lives as recognition for our forebear.

Why is Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti Celebrated?

Maharaja Agrasen is the originator of the Agrahari and Agrawal people group. Subsequently, Agrasen Jayanti is praised in recognition of King Agrasen.

The word ‘Agrawal’ is the mix of two words, ‘Agra’ signifying ‘Agrasen’ and ‘wal’ meaning child. Consequently, Agrawal infers the ‘Child of Agrasen.’ The day of Agrasen Jayanti holds incredible importance for relatives of Maharaja Agrasen.

As per the Hindu legends, Maharaja Agrasen was prompted by Lord Shiva to notice compensation for Goddess Lakshmi. Satisfied by his commitment, Goddess Lakshmi showed up and advised him to begin a business which would guarantee thriving for his kingdom for a long time to come.

Maharaj Agrasen turned into a financial specialist. It is accepted that till date the Aggarwal and the Agrahari people group are flourishing a direct result of the aid.

From that point forward, individuals from Agrahari and Agrawal people group follow the practice of business. Goddess Lakshmi encouraged Agrasena to establish another realm. Along these lines the Agroha realm was established.

An amazing sanctuary was raised at that spot devoted to Vaushni Devi and Agrasen. This spot is close to Hisar, Haryana. The day is even viewed as exceptionally favorable for starting another undertaking.

How is Agrasen Jayanti Celebrated?

On the event of Agrasen Jayanti, Agrawal and Agrahari people group love Maharaja Agrasen with commitment. They additionally offer supplications to Goddess Lakshmi to look for her favors for harmony, and success. Aficionados visit the sanctuaries of their separate ‘Kuldevi’ in to look for her endowments.

Parades are held to pay tribute to Maharaja Agrasen at different spots. The parade shows pictures of Maharaja Agrasen and his family.

On this day, relatives of Maharaja Agrasen perform social government assistance exercises, sort out free food appropriation and clinical camps. Different social projects and capacities dependent on the existence of Maharaja Agrasen are likewise coordinated.

Lovers make exceptional arrangements to make Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti uncommon. The Jayanti is praised by the Agarwal people group with full strict dedication.

Lovers bathe in different blessed streams all through the district and head to be a piece of the customary Shobha yatras. These yatras go through significant areas through the urban communities. The yatra is completed with dedication in towns and urban areas all through Haryana.

Extraordinary arrangements are made in Aghora city on the day and the city is decked up for the afternoon. The Shobha yatra parade contains pictures and relics of relatives of Maharaja Agrasen and is uniquely ready for the afternoon.

Customary langar is hung on the day and individuals from the Agarwal people group guarantee that the prasad is disseminated among the lovers and others who end up being a piece of the Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti festivities.

It is a fitting accolade for Agrasen’s standards, that on this day, his numerous relatives take part in friendly government assistance exercises. Free clinical camps, food dispersion and different social capacities happen to spread the Agrasen’s everlasting message of fairness and fellowship.

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