December 5, 2020
Holi Festival

Holi Festival

What is Holi ?

Holi is the most colourful and historical  festival in India. Besides India there are many countries in south asia which celebrate holi gracefully. Every year after winter season holi brings the celebration of rejoiceness and rebirth, it also comes with happiness and destroys all negative effects from society. The whole country replets with colour. After the end of winter spring comes and brings love.Everybody learns to forget past,forgive all and pamper the broken relationship.

People almost every classes in this day celebrate holi with decent heart. Abeer and gulal are two most important ingredients to celebrate the festival, women art with colour in their house and outside. As it is a festival of spring so farmers get abundant crops from their land. Flowers blossom everywhere and birds sings sweet songs. Here some information for you about holi, you must see.

When is Holi Celebrated ? ( Holi Kab Hai )

Holi is celebrated when the moon is full (phalgun purnima) during phalguna the entire country celebrate holi with colour.  Usually Holi festival comes either in the end of February or starting of March. To know when is Holi in this year you can check  All Indian Festivals Calendar.

Why is Holi Celebrated ?Holika Dhahan

Holi is celebrated in India as a national festival and its have lots of historical significance as well. Hindu mythology is furnished with this festival and there are some legends associated with it. The first well known history is about Holika, the aunt of Prahalad. Who was the admirer of lord Vishnu. But the father of Prahalad, Hiranyakashipu was the person who abhorred him and wanted Prahalad not to worship Lord Vishnu.

Hranyakashipu told Holika to take Prahalad and went on fire. But as the effect of her bad deed in the fire Holika the demon figure burnt and Prahalad was rescued by Lord Vishnu.Every year the burning of Holika signifies the victory of good over evil.

There is an another story about Krishna and Radha. Lord Krishna diffused colour on the face of Radha for her fair complexion, for this reason every year people spread colour one to another.

How is Holi Celebrated ?How Holi Celebrated

Preparation: Before coming holi the admirer start collecting wood and inflammable ingredients for bonfire in various open places. They make an ardore with pyre and the top of the pyre there is a presentment of Holika. The burning of the effigy signifies the destruction of evils.In this day the whole country looks like a canvus of colour. Inside the house women cook delicious iteams. Children and young people dance with drum beat and do party whole day and night.

Food: For celebrating holi properly people make various delicious foods and drinks. Let scroll down to know about them.Holi Food

  • Gujiya: Holi and gujiya are mixed reciprocally. The first food name of holi comes to our mind is gujiya. In different state it is known differently. In Bihar it is known as Pedakiya,In Gujrat as Ghughra.
  • Bhang: Bhang is one kind of drink that is made of leave of an Indian hemp plant.Generally people drink it mixing with thandai,lassi and it is kept as the ingredients in Pakora and Gujiya.
  • Thandai: This is also an another kind of drink that may refresh your mind. You may also feel free by drinking this .
  • Kulfi: Kulfi is originated during mughal period. This desert is highly tasted in the occasion of holi.

Holika Dahan:This subheading can be the another name of the festival. After sunset in the day of holi people start gathering around an effigy of holika under pyre. They burn the pyre by singing and dancing around it. The bonfire signifies the victory of good over evil power.

Playful festival: After finishing the part of bonfire people come outside and play with colours,they spread colour in the face of one another and in the air. There is no tradition about holding puja. All classes people specially young generation and children enjoy holi randomly. Dry colours,water guns,water ballons with colour water are used for playing.Inside the home and at doorways they throw dry powder but at outside water colours are used heavily. Some people sing and dance with the beat of drum. The entire country in this day looks like a land of colour. This is why holi is also known as “FESTIVAL OF COLOURS”.

Placid evening: When the playful festival of colour finish with enjoyment at the evening people exchange fraternalism with each other. They meet with their friends and family and have a exciting day with gossiping,sweet exchanging and greetings. This increases the brotherhood in the society.In this way enemies become friends forever.

So,here one thing is clear that holi is a festival of enjoyment. Freedomly people play,eat,sing,dance. The whole country is equipped with colour. Evil is destroyed by good. Everybody exchanges Holi Wishes with each other. Every year holi is arranged with elegance,it is also celebrated generation to generation.

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